A golden oldie

Worcester Bosch -Marton Hayes with his 39-year-old WEC Firefly boiler
Marton Hayes with his 39-year-old WEC Firefly boiler
A Shropshire homeowner may have what is thought to be one of the oldest domestic oil boilers still in operation in the UK. 

Marton Hayes, of Oswestry, contacted Worcester, Bosch Group after discovering that his WEC Firefly HD II had been heating his three-bedroom detached home since 1973.

With an output of 60K BTU (17.5 kWh), the Firefly falls short of the much improved outputs of the latest generation of boilers, but Mr Hayes revealed that it remains in good working order.

“I think this is a fantastic achievement as the boiler is still performing excellently after 39 years of service,” he said. “I moved into the property with my wife and four children back in 1986 and, having continued to service the boiler annually, we’ve experienced no problems other than the odd replacement spare part.”

Mr Hayes plans to replace his antique Firefly with a Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler very soon.

Martyn Bridges, director of marketing and technical support at Worcester, Bosch Group added: “We were pleased to hear that Mr Hayes’ Firefly boiler has given him and his family such good service and are sure the replacement will prove to be just as reliable.”